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Who We Are

At Ossium, we believe that science is humanity’s best weapon in the fight against disease, and we embrace the challenge of mobilizing the world’s healthcare ecosystem to win that fight. In pursuit of this goal, we empower our employees, maintain the highest standards of excellence, and are a force for good.

Kevin Caldwell

CEO, Co-Founder & President

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The values we live by


We are mission-driven and results-oriented. We believe that a healthier world is a better one and that our work should drive positive change.


Embracing the truth empowers us to learn from both our successes and our mistakes. We follow the data wherever it leads.


We hold ourselves and each other to the highest bar. We care deeply about the work we do and know that even the smallest details can make a difference.

Inside Look

Day in the Life

Donor Field Services Managers

These donor tissue recovery experts work with our OPO partners to continuously improve our tissue recovery processes.  They are masters of Ossium’s recovery protocols and practices.

Cell Therapy Associates

These processing experts make our cell therapy products. They are skilled in tissue processing, cell processing, and cryopreservation.

Clinical Trial Project Managers

These project management maestros ensure that our clinical trials are run with diligent care.  They work with clinical investigators and healthcare institutions to manage our research.

Words from the Team

I was initially drawn to Ossium by Kevin's vision of changing the way we think about healthcare, and the potential to positively impact so many people. As I got to know the team, my desire to be a part of Ossium only grew! Every day I come to work energized by the passion and knowledge of those around me.

Jay Gardner

Senior Director, Talent & People Operations

Jay Gardner

Senior Director, Talent & People Operations

Ms. Gardner is a hands-on People leader with deep experience supporting high-growth startups across SaaS, cleantech, and fintech. Her focus is building scalable People and Talent infrastructure that emphasizes connection and engagement across multiple locations, teams, and levels.

Before joining Ossium, Ms. Gardner established the People team as employee #18 at Turntide Technologies, a cleantech electric motor startup with backing from Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Robert Downey Jr. During her tenure, she cemented the People team as the connective tissue for a before-its-time hybrid model of 6 offices and 40% remote staff, and drove 555% headcount growth across the company. At Turntide she rolled out multiple people-focused initiatives including introducing OKRs, creating a recruiting playbook, founding a DEBI (Diversity, Equity, Belonging, & Inclusion) team, and building out the onboarding program Turntide 101. Ms. Gardner also spent 4 years in HR Consulting, working with startups across the nation to implement HR systems and best practices. Her team supported between 30-40 clients at any given time to onboard companies’ first hires, create a foundational HR base, and set the company up for future success with a focus on proactive consultative HR.

Prior to finding her calling in the People space, Ms. Gardner worked in guest operations at San Francisco’s two science museums: The California Academy of Sciences (where she presented public engagement shows underwater as a scuba diver) and the Exploratorium. Ms. Gardner received her BA in Feminist Studies from Stanford University, where she won a national championship as a member of the women’s water polo team and was named to the All-American team all four years. She also spent six months playing professional water polo overseas in Greece.

Meeting Erik a few years ago and exploring Ossium's mission is what motivated me to move from Europe and join Ossium. I am driven by developing new opportunities in cell therapy that save more lives, and being part of the amazing 'we can do it' Ossium team makes every day a joy.

Wa'el Al Rawashdeh

Senior Director, Development

Wa'el Al Rawashdeh

Senior Director, Development

Dr. Al Rawashdeh has an interdisciplinary career focusing on the clinical translation of cell therapies and development of molecular imaging platforms. Prior to joining Ossium, he held a number of critical roles at Miltenyi Biotec, a global market-leader in cell processing, that enabled the creation of a successful CAR T cell therapy program. Dr. Al Rawashdeh developed industry-leading non-clinical development (NCD) and molecular imaging platforms and led the in vivo NCD packages of the CAR T cell therapy program, which in 4 years resulted in 4 CIT approvals in Germany, 1 IND pivotal trial FDA application, and 1 successful approval of an ‘orphan drug’ by the EMA. Dr. Al Rawashdeh developed a novel animal model that permitted the approval of the first CAR T cell clinical trial in Europe targeting melanoma.

On the research front, Dr. Al Rawashdeh spearheaded the initiation of an industry-academia consortium that successfully secured a major grant of $1.6 million from the EU European Funding for Regional Development initiative to develop novel CAR T cell therapies against solid tumors and cell tracking strategies, and led the project up to the time of his departure in 2021, when he joined Ossium. .

As a postdoc at RWTH Aachen University, Germany’s top engineering university, Dr. Al Rawashdeh co-developed novel optical imaging technology that convinced MiLabs, a global leader in molecular imaging, to adopt the technology and build and commercialize a hybrid tomography system that generated over $10 million in sales to date. Furthermore, on the basis of his original research and project design where he recruited industry partners from Germany, Italy and the UK, he secured a $1 million grant from the European Union’s European Commission in the highly competitive multi-country BioPhotonics call.

Dr. Al Rawashdeh completed his BS from California State University, Fresno, and his MSc and Ph.D. from RWTH Aachen University.

What’s exciting about where we are at this time is that the regulatory space is new; the path and challenges ahead of us are just beginning. And our amazing team – they have the entrepreneurial spirit and drive to make it happen. I love it.

Oliver Cácananta

Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs

Oliver Cácananta

Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs

Mr. Cacananta is a 25-year veteran of the biopharmaceutical industry, having worked broadly with biologics, combination medical devices, and small molecule drugs. He has extensive involvement in collaboration or leadership of approved marketing and investigational regulatory filings (BLAs, MAAs, PMA, CE Mark, 510(k), NDA, INDs/IDEs as well as CMC and other pre- and post-approval commitment submissions) and in organizing and participating in various agency interactions (e.g., PDUFA meetings and advisory panel). His global experience spans multiple therapeutic areas, including vaccines for influenza and biodefense medical countermeasures, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, endovascular disease, blood pathogen reduction technologies, and cell therapy for ophthalmology and medical aesthetics, and diverse geographies, working with partners and agencies across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (primarily China, Japan, and Australia), South America, and Middle East-North Africa.

Mr. Cacananta’s career and contributions to research and science are rooted in the intersections of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry and the quality and regulatory pathways by which treatment and technological innovations reach patients. As a regulatory professional, his impact comes from shepherding research products through the product lifecycle, from clinical trials to market approval, all the while ensuring that products are safe and efficacious and are within the regulatory parameters set forth by governing agencies.

Mr. Cacananta has worked at a variety of large and small biotechnology companies, including Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Cerus Corporation, Medtronic, Amgen, Emergent BioSolutions, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, and Chiron Corporation. He received his BS in Biological Sciences from California State University, East Bay, and MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix.

Open Positions

At Ossium, we’re always looking for talented, mission-driven people.