Bone Marrow Banking

What We Make

Bone marrow, or medulla ossium, is the spongy material found in the center of bones. Bone marrow is composed of haematopoietic cells, stromal cells, and adipose tissue. It is the primary site of haematopoiesis, or blood formation, in humans. Ossium uses stem cell science to make cell therapies from bone marrow that are being evaluated as treatments for hematologic diseases, organ rejection, and musculoskeletal defects.

The Process

How It Works


Recover donor tissue using aseptic recovery protocols.


Process bone marrow from donor tissue in state-of-the-art cleanrooms.


Cool bone marrow to temperatures below the threshold for biological activity to preserve cells for decades.


Distribute cell therapies to healthcare providers for the treatment of patients in need.


Hematologic Diseases

Diseases of the blood and immune systems like leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and sickle cell disease claim roughly 60,000 lives each year in the US alone. Many of these lives could be saved with cell therapies, but too often patients are unable to get access to these treatments. Ossium is building a vast and diverse bank of deceased-donor bone marrow to make these life-saving treatments available to patients worldwide.

Organ Transplant Rejection

Today’s organ transplants are lifesaving treatments for organ failure, but they are not cures. The lifelong regimen of immunosuppressive drugs needed after transplant causes chronic infections and poor quality of life. At Ossium, we’re developing stem cell therapies that could enable organ transplant recipients to live healthy lives without immunosuppression by re-educating their immune systems to recognize cells from their organ donors as self.

Musculoskeletal Defects

OssiGraft™ is a viable bone matrix allograft containing a formulation of cryopreserved cells in their native bone niche.  OssiGraft™ is available in a variety of sizes and is intended for the repair, replacement, and reconstruction of musculoskeletal defects of the spine, pelvis, or extremities.

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Ossium works closely with healthcare providers, life science companies, and organ procurement organizations to develop and deploy cell therapies.

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