OssiGraft™ Viable Bone Matrix

OssiGraft™ is a cryopreserved, viable bone matrix allograft containing cells in their native bone niche. OssiGraft is available in a variety of sizes and is intended for the repair, replacement, and reconstruction of musculoskeletal defects of the spine, pelvis, or extremities.


  • Median Donor Age: 35 years old (range 7 to 55)
  • Average Tissue Recovery Time: 4.5 hours (max 8 hours)
  • Thaw Time: ≤ 5 minutes (no decanting required)
  • Purity: 100% viable bone with no added cortical fibers, fillers, polymers or DBM
  • Composition: ≥ 85% cancellous bone and ≤ 15% cortical bone