Ossium recently introduced a new program that further expands access to Ossium’s bone marrow to patients around the globe. Through the HOPE (HPC Offered for PRESERVE Expansion) Program, patients that need an allogeneic bone marrow transplant but cannot participate in Ossium’s active clinical study (PRESERVE I) have a new opportunity to receive bone marrow from Ossium’s bank.

The goal of Ossium’s PRESERVE trials is to establish organ donor bone marrow as a new source of stem cells for hematologic reconstitution and unlock access to stem cell transplants for the thousands of patients who search unsuccessfully for a donor each year. Ossium launched the HOPE Program after recognizing the sheer volume of patients that need a bone marrow transplant but are unable to participate in the PRESERVE I study due to its eligibility criteria or the patient’s geography.

“Thousands of patients in the US and tens of thousands abroad desperately need a bone marrow transplant but can’t find a donor,” said Kevin Caldwell, Ossium’s CEO, Co-Founder & President. “The HOPE Program is intended to fill that gap.”

For more details, read the press release.

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