Product Description

Ossium’s RUO MSCs are derived from the vertebral bodies of organ donors and are phenotypically and functionally equivalent to MSCs obtained from aspirated BM.

Product Name SKU Quantity
RUO Cryopreserved MSCs, Passage 2 INVR-001-1 1 million cell / vial
RUO Cryopreserved MSCs, Passage 4 INVR-002-1 1 million cell / vial


The cells express typical MSC surface markers (CD73, CD90, and CD105), lack expression of hematopoietic cell surface markers as well as HLA class II proteins, and possess the potential to clonally expand and undergo trilineage differentiation. Because of this unique vertebral body cell source, Ossium’s MSCs yield higher per-donor cell populations by two- to three orders of magnitude at all passages from isolation through P4 when compared to traditional BM-MSCs.

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Ossium’s Human MSCs should be stored in liquid or vapor-phase LN2 immediately upon receipt. Before use, cells should be prepared according to the Thawing and Passaging of Ossium MSCs document.