FAQ Category: HOPE Program

Can I donate bone marrow through this program?

No. Ossium’s bone marrow bank is sourced from deceased organ donors and we do not bank bone marrow from living donors. We encourage anyone interested in becoming a living bone marrow donor to join the NMDP living donor bone marrow registry.

What does it cost to participate?

We will provide bone marrow to HOPE Program patients at no cost. 

The bone marrow transplant procedure itself is not covered by Ossium. This is considered a medical procedure that is treated the same as a transplant from a living donor. We encourage participants to seek information from the transplant center and their health insurance provider about insurance coverage for this procedure.

Who will perform the bone marrow transplant?

The doctor you’re already seeing will perform the transplant. Any qualified bone marrow transplant physician can perform a transplant with bone marrow from our bank.

What precautions are taken to ensure Ossium’s bone marrow is safe for use?

Bone marrow donors in Ossium’s bank undergo rigorous screening and testing for relevant communicable disease agents by both the Organ Procurement Organizations and a dedicated donor management team at Ossium Health. Ossium donors have been confirmed by our Medical Director to be free from risk factors for, and clinical evidence of, infection due to relevant communicable disease agents and diseases. Bone marrow in our bank is processed, tested, and stored in a manner to ensure the highest level of product quality. 

How can I find out if there’s a bone marrow match in the Ossium bank?

After you express interest in participating in this program by completing the form above, we’ll request additional information from you and your doctor to determine whether there’s a matching donor in our bank. Once your doctor provides your HLA type, we can search for a matching donor. We will keep you informed on every step of the way.

Where does Ossium’s bone marrow come from?

Bone marrow in our bank is derived from the vertebrae of consented and rigorously screened organ donors. We obtain vertebral bodies from organ donors through partnerships with the organizations responsible for solid organ procurement and distribution in the US. The vertebral bodies are processed in our production facility under a highly controlled process and stored in freezers at cryogenic temperatures until ready for use.