At our second appearance at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa, hosted by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, Ossium CEO Kevin Caldwell presented an update on our work over the past year and outlined our vision for the future of bone marrow transplantation. 

In the presentation, Kevin explained how we’re transforming the bone marrow donation process from a service into a product. With our bone marrow bank, patients have access to a high-quality, optimally-dosed, and fully-characterized graft, eliminating the months-long wait and uncertainty associated with searching for an unrelated living donor. Our vision is to enhance the existing bone marrow registry, enabling physicians to quickly search for a matched donor in a single, comprehensive registry. Ossium’s unique advantage allows physicians to expedite patients’ treatment by immediately ordering the graft once a matched donor is found. This reimagined system allows transplants to be performed in a matter of days instead of months, improving outcomes for patients whose conditions require immediate treatment.

Kevin also provided a brief update on our GVHD study and how it fits into Ossium’s goals: “Our goal is to increase the number of procedures that can be done by making them fundamentally safer.” He described how this complements Ossium’s efforts “to increase the speed, efficiency, and quality with which [bone marrow transplants] can be done by making the bone marrow itself far easier to get.”

Lastly, Kevin introduced our newest product, OssiGraft™, a viable bone matrix allograft. He explained how working with tissue from donors that have already been screened to meet organ donation and bone marrow donation requirements results in the highest quality bone graft on the market today.

Watch the full presentation below.

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